More than a Sculpture

On March 7, in ART UKRAINE GALLERY a large sculptural project that combines the latest technologies of the complementary reality with the art of plastics will be opened. The forum “More than a Sculpture” focuses on topical trends, retrospectives and legacy of Ukrainian contemporary artists.

“The new space of Art Ukraine Gallery inspired a great sculptural project, for continuation of which I had been dreaming about for several years. Forum “More than a Sculpture” became, to some extent, an artistic alliteration of the favourite of thousands of fans – the Grand Sculptural Salon. For decades of its existence, sculpture has become one of the main trends of Ukrainian collections and the whole galaxy of successful and demanded Ukrainian sculptors has appeared. I am convinced that this year’s sculptural forum will reveal a lot of bright new names, give new meanings, and raise new questions. And the most interesting thing is that this project that combines art and the latest technology, can interest even those who prefer the latter“ says Natalia Zabolotna, the founder of ArtUkraine.

“To do our best and even more” is a motto with which the well-known Kyiv Art Gallery Ukraine opens an innovative large-scale project “More than a Sculpture”. This year’s large sculptural project reflects the trends of contemporary Ukrainian art in various ways. In the heart of the conception there is a study of interaction of complemented reality, as a simulation, which became an integral part of the 21st century, with sculpture, as a kind of art with a thousand-year history.

The organization of the world known to us is in motion: more and more non-material elements changing the global economy, but remaining invisible in the sphere of sensory perception are appearing. Project “More than a Sculpture” reveals the essence of things in the modern world, exposing “the point of reference” through plastic arts as a formalist skeleton of reality, but at the same time questions it by expanding space with virtual elements. After all, the world is fragile, as well as the most stable paradigms.

Sculpture is capable of reproducing images, devoid of visual noise. This is a kind of deconstruction of reality to a “pure” form, its meaning, which can become the foundation in the society of consuments, full of artificial and everyday objects. The next step is similar to the main postulate of Zen Buddhism: you possess nothing except imagination. Supplemented reality and virtually existing objects change our perception of space – it becomes open for everyone. The classical system of hierarchy in terms of welfare is replaced by the hierarchy of having information and the ability to analyze and understand it, as everything that is non-material is information in its essence. The main question is in what kind of decoding the virtual will be chosen by a person, who is studying non-material by means of ruining it? What kind of pyramid of values ​​will be built under the conditions Big Data domination?

“It is an experimental project that has to create a space for discussion, attracting both artists and visitors. It is possible that global digitalization and almost constant presence of each of us online is only an instant trend of the present. But it definitely exists, changes information perception and attitude to art,” says Daryna Mo Mot, project coordinator.

Other project participants include:

Said Akhmadi, Yuliia Bieliaieva, Myroslav Vaida, Marta Vashchuk, Vladyslav Volosenko, Dmytro Hrek, Yevhen Hodenko, Petro Hronskyi,  Dmytro Dulfan, Oleksandr Diachenko, Yehor Zihura, Oleksii Zolotarov, Konstantyn Zorkin, Oleh Kapustiak, Viktor Konoval, Volodymyr Kochmar, Roman Minin, Illia Novhorodov, Vasyl Odrekhivskyi, Volodymyr Odrekhivskyi, Vitalii Protosenia, Ivan Pidhainyi, Oleksandr Sukholit, Anatolii Tverdyi, Danylo Shumikhin, Serhii Shaulis.

With the support of Adamovskiy Foundation and the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

The main information partner is ArtUkraine Magazine, Business Radio Group

  • Nataliia Zabolotna curator
  • Darina Mo Mot curator
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