Downstream: Anna Mironova

Project “Downstream” focuses on an inner search for a connection between phenomena of nature, forms and different kinds of movement, stating that movement is at the core of essence of things, and nature – an apotheosis of excellence and harmony. Architects of the project have built an environment, which compels the viewer to follow its inner transformations and shifts, at the same time observing the cyclical nature of these changes. Is it possible to feel any transformation without perpetual motion, and is our existence wholly reliable on ceaseless kinetic energy? Rendered in a multitude of hatches that are juxtaposed in different directions, Anna Mironova’s series of abstract drawings embody notions such as warmth, noise and fog. Ultimately, these works suggest the following: they represent internal motion. Therefore, human existence, as nature’s phenomenon, amounts to constant motion, and motion to form.

Sensory experiences prove that nature is fluid, and feelings – temporary. Which is why the artist refers to shadows in her work – they are intangible traces of material notions. Imagine, an empty room, with the exception of only one shadow – a non-figurative memory, evidence of life, but whose? Who leaves a shadow in an empty space, where there is no one around, except for the viewer? Or is it evidence of the inevitable drift along the stream, but where?

““Downstream” project is not as mellow, as it appears from the curator’s text. Moreover, works by Anna Mironova are incredibly emotional, and even somewhat controversial. There is not even a hint of amorphousness. Swimming along the stream visualised by the artist in tandem with Daryna Mo Mot, curator of the project, is not such a cosy endeavour. Perhaps, the trip downstream will inspire to meditate and reflect; however, only if it won’t immerse you into the artistic depths. The only comfort is that we will emerge dry from the water!” – comments Nataliia Zabolotna, founder of ArtUkraine.

Attempts to comprehend the nature of changes, processes of origin and extinction, as well as the cycle, are futile, since there is no ‘primum movens’ in the room with shadows, which is the cause of generation of movement. Shadows create blazons and emblems, which don’t belong to any specific nation, lineage or individual. They are the heraldry of nature, the code of humanity, where each of us is a source of movement. Ideas of observation and self-awareness are hidden beneath the “Downstream” project…

  • Anna Mironova artist
  • Taya Kabaeva media-artist
  • Yuriy Miron media-artist
  • Serhiy Sinetskiy composer
  • Vj Reign mapper
  • Darina Mo Mot curator
  • Nataliia Zabolotna curator
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