Lecture "Oscar-worthy furniture and decor in cinema"

Cinema is an art in which every little thing matters: acting, music, interior design. What does it matter what bed the heroine wakes up on or what chairs are used in the office to sign an important contract that will affect the further development of events?

In a truly high-quality film product, artists, set designers, and directors use furniture, chandeliers, textiles, and tableware so delicately that we don’t even notice it. But all this is very, VERY important!

On 2 November 2023, at 17:30, we invite you to the lecture “Oscar-worthy furniture and decor in cinema”.

You will see Dr House and Iron Man’s favourite armchair, crockery from Emily in Paris, textiles from The Bridgertons, and learn the secret of the furniture from Bond. You will also learn about the history of furniture creation, its influence on our worldview, modern life, and… the love stories of its architects and designers!

When: 2 November, Thursday
Time: 17:30
Price: 300 UAH
All funds will be used to buy an all-wheel drive beadle for the base of a transportable, mobilised drone control point for aerial reconnaissance (Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine).
Privatbank card 4149 6293 5386 6338 Hanna Gruzina

Lecturer: Anna Gruzina, researcher of the history of industrial design, curator of creative projects, brand manager of Domosfera shopping centre.

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  • Anna Gruzina researcher of the history of industrial design
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